Sewing Machines

Vicki has collected vintage sewing machines and is ready to sell them. Some of the available ones are shown here.Pick up only or buyer arranges for the shipping with the exception of heads and portables. All cabinets are in original finish which will show some wear as these are antiques. Condition numbers are from Graham Forsdyke’s Condition Chart available on www.ismacs.net.

florence sewing machineFlorence 1865

Florence circa 1865 with fancy Florence stand. The serial number is as best I could read as it is on the plate and it is very worn, has its coffin top.
Serial #32688 Condition 6 $1200.00

singer 27 sewing machineSinger 27

Singer #27 Vibrating Shuttle 1873 treadle with painted cornflowers or dainty flowers, light, has its shuttle.
Serial #10557718  Condition 8  $250.00

Singer 12 head sewing machineSinger 12

Singer model 12 New Family with mother-of-pearl inlay 1859, fancy rosewood drawing room cabinet with folding box cover.
Serial #204130 127130 Condition 8+  $1500.00

Singer treadle with roses sewing machineSinger 15

Singer #15 Improved Family Oscillating Shuttle 1891 treadle fiddle base with painted roses, coffin top, 5 drawer cabinet with extension/ head pictured in Charles Law’s book on page 38 bottom, left corner.
Serial #9778830 Condition 7 $350.00

White sewing machine cabinetWhite Rotary in Cabinet

White Rotary FR 1928, crinkle finish in Martha Washington cabinet, add on light, metal attachment box and buttonholer.
Serial #FR5006871  Condition 8 $200.00