Art Quilts in a Series

Using my quilts as examples, I will discuss the versatile techniques of painting and soft-edge machine appliqué. These Techniques allow a very free, organic approach to designing which can then be combined with more geometric methods of construction. In my quilts, I use the coast as my inspiration with beaches, barns, kelp and flowers.

Painting Nature Quilts

For the past several years, I have worked on a series of quilts using my personal landscape environment as inspiration. In this lecture I share my early work and show how I have progressed to my present quilts.

Breaking the Rules

Since learning to quilt, I have begun to realize, I now break most of the rules I learned. In this lecture, I will talk about those and why I do it.

Lecture Fees

$450 - Sponsor should be prepared to provide a Kodak Carousel Projector with extension on control, screen, podium with light and microphone.

Travel Costs

For local lectures or workshops 0.55 cents per mile or current IRS rate (from Soquel) round trip is charged. Overnight stays require room and board, but housing in a non-smoking, non-cat owning members home is fine. Long distance travel requires airfare, transportation to and from the airport, and airporter fare.

Contact Vicki at: vicki@vntgraphics.com for more information.


Vicki has several workshops including three that teach about fabric painting. Click on Workshops to read about them. Contact Vicki at: vicki@vntgraphics.com for more information.